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Being able to eat a healthy and delicious meal together in a service center or at your own table at home, is a strong factor in the daily general quality of life for our meal consumers


Meals delivered at home per day

Our goal:


Happy customers

Our services

Meals in service centres

If you prefer to eat in the company of others, make sure to stop by in one of the service centers offering our meals

Meals delivered at home

If you prefer to eat at home, you can count on our help. We are active in Brugge, Blankenberge, Jabbeke, Oostkamp, Zedelgem and boroughs.

Meals in care centres

We offer meals for residential care centres, day-care centres, nurseries and centres for persons with disabilities.

Delivery with an extra

With this service, our meal delivery drivers wil gladly take some extra time to sit down and have a nice chat, listen to your needs and answer any further questions.


we strive to improve life quality through fulfilling physical, mental and social needs of persons in need of care and their healthcare environment. We do this through offering a healthy and delicious meal customized to the needs of the client.


Healthy food: what is it exactly? Sometimes it's hard to find the right answer in the flood of information you can find these days. The scientifically based knowledge is summarized in the ''food triangle"


Excercise: why is it so important and how do you implement it in your daily routine? The 'excercise triangle' answers these questions.

Mental Health

A happy life... We all wish it for each other. But 'feeling happy' or 'being happy': how do you actually achieve this. The 'hapinness triangle' wil inform and inspire you.

Health risks

Next to our head task - offering healthy delicious personalized meals - we strive to inform our meal consumers and their healthcare environment about the most common health risks and how to avoid them.

About us

We prepare delicious, healthy and personalized meals. Our meals are catered to the needs, wishes and desires of our meal consumers. Every day, our team is at the disposal of our consumers and their healthcare environment.

Mission & vision

Through the lack of an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, vulnerable groups of people have an increased risk to various health problems.

Ruddersstove is committed to a integrated, preventive and healing approach through affordable mealcare.

Who's who?

No mealcare without our team!

Are you curious about the faces of our multidisciplinary team who, every day, are committed to realizing this task.



Every day, we search for new ways to grow and innovate in mealcare.

We do this in various ways; creating new recipes, organizing new events or making new investments in existing or new projects. These are just a few examples of everything we do to achieve this goal.




Lekkere en gezonde maaltijden bereiden en bezorgen, met oog voor de persoonlijke noden van de maaltijdgebruiker: Vereniging Ruddersstove maakt er dagelijks werk van. Lokale overheden, (non-)profit organisaties, kenniscentra en klanten worden nauw bij het proces...

Onze magazijniers

Wij stellen met trots onze magazijniers voor!

Kennen jullie Bonnie al?

Kennen jullie Bonnie al? Ons administratief hart van de productie

Een blik achter de schermen

Vandaag een blik achter de schermen in de warme keuken met kok Robby.

Ruddersstove scoort de vijfde ‘Smiley’ op rij!

Ruddersstove scoort de vijfde ‘Smiley’ op rij! Deze ‘Smiley’ is een bijzonder waardevol certificaat, waar we erg trots op zijn. Het bevestigt dat we werken volgens de regels van de kunst! Onze dank gaat uit naar alle medewerkers, werkzaam onder het dak van...





A pleasant environment to work and be together. A warm and open workplace. A workplace where we care for and respect each other. A workplace where employees can find and develop their talent. With in the center of it all, mealcare. We take our consumers and employees on a journey to the world of great food, being together and caring for each other. 

Do you want to use your talents and creativity to help us realize mealcare of the highest quality? Then be sure to take a look at our vacancies.

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